Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dosirak The Korean Lunchbox Meal

We arrived at incheon international airport in the afternoon and in the hostel around 4pm. I was really so tired and very sleepy at that time because I wasn't able to sleep because of the excitement of going to South Korea. I am a very big fan of Korean drama so it was really a big deal for me to go here.

I woke up at around 9pm and I asked my aunt and cousin if they have had their dinner. They told me they are fine because they brought some noodles and bread from the Philippines. So I have decided to go out and go to the nearest Convenience store.

One of the convenience store you can find korea is GS25. GS25 is almost everywhere in korea. Its like their national convenience store.

Since I'm from the Philippines I cant help not look for rice so when I saw this in the shelf I told myself "Oh there you are". I bought this dosirak(lunchbox) for around 4000- 5000 won(150 to 200 pesos) and it comes with a free drink. Since this is a food you can find in a convenience store all you have to do is to just microwave it for a few seconds and boom, you can start eating it. You can use the microwave in the convenience store for free and if you need help just ask our Korean chingu's(Friend) in GS25 to help you.

If you are thinking that this is expensive, I can tell you that its not. You can find 1500 won foods in GS25 for example, a rice with kimchi and friend egg. The one above is 4000 won because as you can see it got almost everything. You got rice, some sweet juicy pork meat(its like tocino), a beef, vegetables and of course it will never be a korean meal if it there is no spicy kimchi. I really enjoyed eating this meal. If you are in Korea and the restaurants are already closed. just go to a GS25 store and look for this. 
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