Saturday, September 24, 2011


hello guys im back and now im back in full force. Ill try to post 1 food or 2 foods a day.

Its Meryenda time here in the philippines(snack time) and im craving for something different. I used to eat banana que(not sure if thats the right word) but now ill try something different

Here's the LUCKY ME CURLY SPAGHETTI with RED SAUCE. Ooops I forgot the yummy.

Here's what you can get according to the Nutrition Facts. I need to get lots of calories because i want to gain weight.

here we got some Garnish. I dont know what is this. is this meat?

well you need to cook this thing with the noodles

you only need 4 minutes to cook this yummy treat. the bread is just for the design. just like what they said in the advertisements, "the product is sold seperately".

for only 12 pesos you can eat this very yummy treat that Kids and even adults will like.

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