Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nissin Yakisoba instant noodles Savory beef

Price: 8.75
Instant noodles are easy to cook. I love eating noodles as a snack and also for breakfast. One of the thing I don’t like about cooking instant noodle is that you need to cook it in a boiling water. The good thing about Nissin Yakisoba is if you already have a hot water, just put the noodles in that hot water for 3 minutes then drain it, put the sauce and you are done. If you want to cook it in boiling water that is also fine.

Payless Pancit Shanghai Oriental Style

Price: 8 pesos

Just like any other Instant noodles, cooking Payless Pancit Shanhai is very easy. It will only takes you 4 minutes (3 minutes in boiling water) to prepare. The first time you taste it, it will reminds you that this is from the orient, specifically from china. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CHIMAEK, Korean Fried Chicken And Beer

If you are a big korean drama fan of "My Love From The Stars", I bet that you already know what Chimaek(pronounced as CHI-MEK) is. Chimaek means Chicken + Maekju. In korea chicken is chicken(pronounced Chickin) and beer is maekju. Chimaek becomes more famous because of the korean drama. In the korean drama, the main character Cheon song yi love's eating chimaek. Since the main reason why I went to korea is the korean drama I searched where I can find that chimaek.

Dosirak The Korean Lunchbox Meal

We arrived at incheon international airport in the afternoon and in the hostel around 4pm. I was really so tired and very sleepy at that time because I wasn't able to sleep because of the excitement of going to South Korea. I am a very big fan of Korean drama so it was really a big deal for me to go here.

I woke up at around 9pm and I asked my aunt and cousin if they have had their dinner. They told me they are fine because they brought some noodles and bread from the Philippines. So I have decided to go out and go to the nearest Convenience store.

One of the convenience store you can find korea is GS25. GS25 is almost everywhere in korea. Its like their national convenience store.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Boneless Bangus Of Ketchup Food Community's Rancho Norte

     Im really a fan of boneless bangus. Everytime I hear that word, "Dagupan" is the first thing that comes in my mind. Last May 23 my office mates and I have decided to go to Baguio city due to the hot weather here in manila. After we visited "la Presa" we told the taxi driver to just drop us at Ketchup Food Community in Baguio City. I've heard that the foods in ketchup food community are really good. lets find out if its really true.