Sunday, June 14, 2015

Boneless Bangus Of Ketchup Food Community's Rancho Norte

     Im really a fan of boneless bangus. Everytime I hear that word, "Dagupan" is the first thing that comes in my mind. Last May 23 my office mates and I have decided to go to Baguio city due to the hot weather here in manila. After we visited "la Presa" we told the taxi driver to just drop us at Ketchup Food Community in Baguio City. I've heard that the foods in ketchup food community are really good. lets find out if its really true.

    We are arrived at ketchup food community at exactly 8:45am. The guard there told us that its still closed. On the gate its says there that it will open at 9:00am. We waited till 9 but its still closed. I'm really so hungry but still I insisted to wait.

     finally at exactly 9:30am Ketchup Food Community opens. There are Five restaurant inside the food community but Rancho Norte is the only one that is open during that time. Rancho Norte is a nice place. I love the ambiance and the design of the place. I feel like im in the wild wild west or should I say wild wild north.

    The waitress gave us the menu and to my surprise I saw "boneless bangus". Dagupan and the boneless bangus I ate last december in burnham park baguio came to my mind. 

     For 158 pesos you'll get a big boneless bangus, a cup or rice, some sliced tomato, cucumber and onions. It also comes with a drink. I got an iced tea while my office mates chose Red tea. 

     When I first looked at the boneless bangus, I saw some bones. I thought "why there are bones?". I asked my officemate's if their boneless bangus got bones too and they said "yes we got some bones too".  Well I guess the "less" in their boneless means less bones not bone free bangus unlike the bangus in dagupan. 

     After removing carefully the bones, I started eating the bangus. The bangus tasted bland. My office mate had to ask for a soy sauce to make it tasty. If you are looking for a boneless bangus just like the one from dagupan, the boneless bangus of rancho norte is not one that you're looking for. It doesn't taste like the one from dagupan and it got some bones.

     On my next visit to baguio I will still try rancho norte but I will try something else to eat.
Have you already eaten the boneless bangus of rancho norte? Is it really boneless? drop us a comment below. thank you for reading and always visit Food Raider.

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