Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CHIMAEK, Korean Fried Chicken And Beer

If you are a big korean drama fan of "My Love From The Stars", I bet that you already know what Chimaek(pronounced as CHI-MEK) is. Chimaek means Chicken + Maekju. In korea chicken is chicken(pronounced Chickin) and beer is maekju. Chimaek becomes more famous because of the korean drama. In the korean drama, the main character Cheon song yi love's eating chimaek. Since the main reason why I went to korea is the korean drama I searched where I can find that chimaek.

Google's top result's? "two two fried chicken". Its already dinner time and luckily we are in myeongdong where there is a two two fried chicken restaurant.

If i can remember correctly i paid 18600 won(800 pesos) for a one big plate of chicken and one beer.

Since I am filipino and I love rice so much I ordered some rice too. Usually koreans eat this without rice. The chicken also has some some cabbage as a side dish.

You can choose if you want a spicy chicken or not. My aunt really like the spicy(but sweet) chicken sauce so she went to a korean supermarket to buy a korean chicken spicy sauce and brought it back home here in the Philippines. If you are going to ask me which one you should you order?, just tell the guys in two two fried chicken to not mix the spicy sauce with the chicken so you can test first if you will like it or not.

While eating chimaek I feel so happy and it made me feel like I'm eating with Jun Ji Hyun :-).

If you are in korea I highly recommend going to Two Two Friend Chicken and Eat Chimaek.

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