Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Valenciana(Chicken Fried Rice)

Name: Valenciana( Chiken Fried Rice)
Calories: N/A
Price: 50php with Barbecue

Valenciana is one of the most delicious food in my province(Bulacan). you can find valenciana restaurants all over bulacan. Valenciana is a chicken rice meal. 

Turon(Turron or Banana Lumpia)

Name: Turon (Turron or Banana Lumpia)
Calories: N/A
Price: 6-10 pesos each

its 3PM, You're hungry and you want to eat something.
if you're in the philippines one of the many foods that you can eat is the sweet Turon.
Turon is one of the many spanish recipes they brought from spain.